New Product Announcements  

Date PArt Number / Description Category
2019/09/26 SKY65725 and SKY65728: GPS FEMs deliver Best-in-Class Performance for Mobile Applications Front-end Module
2019/09/04 SKY72310-11: Frequency Synthesizer for Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Market Synthesizer
2019/08/26 SKY66118-11 and SKY66407-11: New Front-end Modules for Bluetooth® IoT Applications Front-end Module
2019/08/05 SKY85774-11: New Front-end Module for WLAN and LAA Front-end Module
2019/07/09 SKY85330-21 and SKY85748-11: New 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) Front-end Modules Front-end Module
2019/05/28 SKY5™-9269-702LF: 0.6 to 5.9 GHz SP4T MIPI® Antenna Tuning Switch Switches
2019/04/19 SKY85726-11: 5 GHz 802.11ax Front-end Module Front-end Module
2019/01/28 SKY85716-11: Nominal Power 5 GHz Front-end Solution for 802.11ac Applications Front-end Module
2018/12/06 SKY66313-11: High-Efficiency Power Amplifier for 4G/5G Infrastructure Amplifiers (4G/5G)
2018/11/29 SKY1224x: Family of High-Power Switches for Wireless Infrastructure Switches
2018/11/20 ACA1240: CATV Variable Gain Amplifier Solution for Headend and Remote PHY Systems Amplifier (CATV)
2018/10/23 SKY13699-21: DPDT Low Insertion Loss, High Isolation Switch Switches
2018/09/20 SKY68020-11: LTE Universal Front-end Module for IoT Applications Front-end Module
2018/09/10 SKY66420-11/SKY66421-11/SKY66423-11: FEMs for LPWAN IoT and Industrial Applications Front-end Module
2018/08/21 SKY65933-11/SKY65943-11: GNSS Low-Noise Amplifier FEMs with Integrated Pre- and Post- Filters LNA
2018/07/26 SKY19256-701LF: 4 x SPST Shunt MIPI® Antenna Tuning Switch Antenna Tuning Switch
2018/07/25 SKY66119-11: FEM for LP-WAN, Smart Metering, IoT and Industrial Applications Front-end Module
2018/06/20 SKY85309-11: High Power 2.4 GHz Front-end Module for 802.11ac Applications Front-end Module
2018/05/09 Family of LTE Broadband LNAs for Worldwide Market (SKY65803-696LF, SKY65804-696LF, SKY65805-696LF and SKY65806-636LF) Amplifiers (LNAs)
2018/02/26 SkyOne® LiTE for Value Tier, Feature-Rich Smartphones Front-end Module
2018/01/23 SKY85331-11, SKY85337-11, SKY85743-21, SKY85755-11: Family of 802.11ax Solutions Front-end Module
2018/01/16 SKY66114-11: Front-end Module (FEM) for Bluetooth® Low Energy / 802.15.4 / Thread / ZigBee® Applications Front-end Module
2018/01/05 SKY68001-31: Universal Multi-band Front-end Module Front-end Module
2017/11/09 SKY66288-11: High Efficiency LAA / LTE-U 4W Power Amplifier Amplifiers
2017/10/27 SKY85812-11: SkyOne® WiFi Mobile Wi-Fi Front-end Module with Dual Switch/LNAs, Diplexer and LTE Coexistence Filter Front-end Module
2017/09/25 Skyworks 推出了 SKY66403-11,一款新的 2.4 Ghz 完全集成的 RF 前端模块 (FEM)
(SKY66403-11: Skyworks' Latest ZigBee®/Thread/Bluetooth® Front-end Module)
Front-end Module
2017/08/31 SKY66403-11: Skyworks' Latest ZigBee®/Thread/Bluetooth® Front-end Module Front-end Module
2017/08/24 SKY12239-11: Voltage-Controlled Variable Attenuator for Broad Market Applications Attenuator
2017/07/13 SKY85018-11 High-Power Bluetooth® Power Amplifier for Mobile Applications Amplifier
2017/07/13 SKY85018-11: 适用于移动应用的新型高功率 Bluetooth® 功率放大器
(SKY85018-11 High-Power Bluetooth® Power Amplifier for Mobile Applications, Simplified Chinese)
2017/05/16 SKY66113-11: Bluetooth® Low Energy/802.15.4/Thread/ZigBee® Front-end Module Front-end Module
2017/05/11 SKY13698-694LF: Ultra-Low Loss DPDT Antenna Swap Switch Switches
2017/04/04 SKY65623-682LF Low-Power, Low-Noise Amplifier for GNSS IoT Applications Amplifier
2017/02/27 SKY6629x: High Efficiency Power Amplifiers for Enterprise Small Cell Applications Amplifiers (Small Cell)
2017/02/24 SkyOne® Ultra 3.0: Next Generation SkyOne® Ultra 3.0 Front-end Module for Mobile Devices FEM (SkyOne®)
2017/02/15 SkyOne® Ultra 2.5: Next Generation SkyOne® Ultra Solutions for China Market FEM (SkyOne®)
2017/01/30 SKY66105-11 Highly Integrated Front-end Module for ISM and Connected Home Applications Front-end Modules
2016/10/11 SKY65903-11: New Skyworks LNA FEM for GPS Applications FEM (LNA FEM for GPS)
2016/10/05 SKY19247-686LF, SKY19237-001: Skyworks' MIPI® Antenna Aperture Tuners MIPI® Antenna Aperture Tuners
2016/09/22 SKY13581-676LF, SKY13582-676LF, SKY13626-685LF, SKY13597-684LF: Skyworks Announces New Family of GPIO-controlled, High Performance RF Cellular Switches Switches (GPIO)
2016/09/14 SKY66115-11: Skyworks Introduces Front-end Module for Smart Energy and IoT Applications FEM (Smart Energy and IoT)
2016/09/09 SKY67130-396LF: Skyworks Launches High Linearity and Low Power Driver Amplifier Amplifier (Driver)
2016/08/23 SKY13585-679LF, SKY13586-678LF: Skyworks’ New Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, ZigBee® RF Switches Switches (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, ZigBee®)
2016/07/05 SKY13587-378LF, SKY13588-460LF: Skyworks' Latest RF Switches for Connected Home Applications Switches (Connected Home)
2016/05/05 SKY13547-490LF, SKY13548-385LF: Two New 75 Ohm Switches for Set-top Box and CATV Applications Switches (75 Ohm, for Set-top Box and CATV)
2016/03/15 SKY13575-639LF: Skyworks Introduces New Dual-band Matched SP4T Wi-Fi Switch Switches (Dual-band Matched SP4T Wi-Fi)