Power Amplifier Module for CDMA

CX77144 PAM, designed for cellular handsets utilizing CDMA and WLL, packs a full 887–925 MHz bandwidth coverage into a single compact package. It meets stringent IS95 CDMA2000 linearity requirements to and exceeding 27.5 dBm output power. A low current digital pin (VCONT) provides improved efficiency for low RF power range. A single GaAs MMIC contains all active circuitry, on-board bias circuitry, input and interstage matching circuits. Skyworks’ GaAs HBT process provides for all positive voltage DC supply operation with high efficiency and good linearity. See Data Sheet below for more details.

Please note: CX77144-15 is being discontinued and is not recommended for new design.


  • Low positive bias supply
  • Low VREF
  • High efficiency | Good Linearity | Large dynamic range
  • Low power-state control | Power-down control
  • IS95 | CDMA2000
Data Sheets CX77144 Power Amplifier Module for CDMA (887 -925 MHz) 102047a.pdf (733 KB)
Application Notes Tape and Reel Information - RF Modules 101568i.pdf (1505 KB)
Application Notes PCB Design and SMT Assembly/Rework Guidelines for MCM-L Packages 101752K.pdf (1516 KB)
Last Time Buy Product Discontinuance Notification 08-14-2008 ProductDiscontinuance_08-14-08.pdf (21 KB)
Last Time Buy Product Discontinuance Notification CX77144-15_0108 ProductDiscontinuanceCX77144-15_0108.pdf (22 KB)
ProductName : CX77144
Frequency (MHz) : 887-925
Description : PAM for J-CDMA
Typical PAE (%) : 40
Typical Gain (dB) : 27.5
Supply Voltage (V) : 3.2-4.2
Package : MCM, 10-pin
Package (mm) : 4 x 4 x 1.5
Product Information:
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