2000-2230 MHz Variable Gain Amplifier

Skyworks SKY65187-11 is a high linearity, Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA) module. The device includes an input Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA), a variable voltage attenuator, and an output Power Amplifier (PA). The two amplifiers and voltage attenuator are optimized for superior ACLR performance with WCDMA signals.

The high linearity (high OP1dB, OIP3, and ACLR) and high efficiency of this device make it ideal for use at the final stage (or close to the final stage) of a WCDMA transmit chain.

The output of the first PA (PA1) is matched to the input of the VCA. The output of the VCA is matched to the input of the second PA (PA2). The RF_IN and RF_OUT signals (pins 1 and 8, respectively) are both internally matched, including DC blocking capacitors.

The SKY65187-11 VGA uses low-cost Surface Mount Technology (SMT) in the form of a compact, 8 x 8 mm 12-pin Multi-Chip Module (MCM), which allows for a highly manufacturable low-cost solution.

Please note: SKY65187-11 is being discontinued and is not recommended for new designs. The suggested replacements are SKY65387-11 and AWB7128P8.


  • Frequency range: 2000 to 2230 MHz
  • High gain: >24 dB
  • Attenuation range: > 30 dB
  • OP1dB: >+28 dBm
  • ACLR < –65 dBc for POUT = +12 dBm
  • Single DC supply: +5 V
  • Small MCM (12-pin, 8.385 x 8.385 mm) SMT package (MSL3, 260 °C per JEDEC J-STD-020)
Data Sheets SKY65187-11: 2000-2230 MHz Variable Gain Amplifier 201465D.pdf (824 KB)
ProductName : SKY65187-11
Operating Frequency (MHz) : 2000-2230
Architecture : Single Channel
Attenuation Type : Analog
Gain Control Range (dB) : 30
Gain Step Size (dB) : N/A
Gain (dB) : 24
Min. NF : 2.7
IP3 (dBm) : OIP3 = +41.5
P1 dB (dBm) : OP1dB = +28
Supply Voltage (V) : 5
Package : MCM, 12-pin
Package (mm) : 8.385 x 8.385 x 1.35
Product Information:
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