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GaAs IC 1-Bit Digital Attenuator 15 dB LSB DC-2 GHz

The AA116-72 is a 1 bit GaAs IC FET digital attenuator in a low cost package. This attenuator has an LSB of 15 dB. The AA116-72 is particularly suited where high attenuation accuracy, low insertion loss and low intermodulation products are required.Typical applications include cellular radio, wireless data, and wireless local loop gain level control circuits.


  • +3 V Control
  • Low Loss
  • Low Cost SOT-5 Plastic Package
Data Sheets AA116-72LF GaAs IC 1-Bit Digital Attenuator 15 dB LSB DC-2 GHz AA116_72LF_200209F.pdf (541 KB)
Application Notes Suggested PCB Land Pattern Designs for Leaded and Leadless Packages and Detailed Surface Mount Guidelines for Leadless Packages 200123K.pdf (750 KB)
Application Notes GaAs FETs as Control Devices APN2015.pdf (423 KB)
Application Notes APN2018:Silicon Drivers for Commercial IC Products APN2018.pdf (414 KB)
Application Notes APN2019:Switch Power Characteristics APN2019.pdf (412 KB)
Designer Info IC Package List ICPkgList_12-02.pdf (49 KB)
Designer Info Power Conversion dBm to Watts Pwrconversion.pdf (401 KB)
Designer Info VSWR, Return Loss and Transmission Loss vs. Transmitted Power VSWRreturn.pdf (401 KB)
ProductName : AA116-72LF
Frequency (GHz) : LF-2.0
Control Bits/ Interface Parallel/Serial : 1/P
Attenuation Range (dB) : 15
LSB Attenuation (dB) : 15
Typ. IL (dB) : 0.35-0.4
Typ. IIP3 (dBm) : 41
Typ. IP1 dB (dBm) : 20
Package (mm) : SOT-23 5L, 2.8 x 2.9 x 1.18
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