Reverse Amplifier with Step Attenuator

The ARA05050 is a GaAs IC designed to provide the reverse path amplification and output level control functions in a CATV Set-Top Box or Cable Modem. It incorporates a digitally controlled precision step attenuator that is preceded by an ultra low noise amplifier stage, and followed by an ultra-linear output driver amplifier. This device is capable of meeting the MCNS/DOCSIS requirements for harmonic performance at a +58dBmV output level while requiring only a single polarity +5V supply.

Please note: ARA05050 is being discontinued and is not recommended for new designs.


  • Low cost integrated monolithic GaAs amplifier with step attenuator
  • Attenuation Range: 0-30 dB, adjustable in 2dB increments via a 4 wire parallel control
  • Meets DOCSIS distortion requirements at +58 dBmV output signal level
  • Low distortion and low noise
  • Low signal to noise ratio at all gain levels
  • Frequency range: 5-100 MHz
  • 5 Volt operation
  • RoHS-Compliant Packaging
Data Sheets ARA05050: Reverse Amplifier with Step Attenuator ARA05050_204227B.pdf (2739 KB)
ProductName : ARA05050
Description : Reverse Amplifier with Step Attenuator
Attenuator Step Size (dB) Typ : 2
Attenuation Range (dB) Typ : 0 to 30
2nd Harmonic Distortion Level (dBc) Max : -55
3rd Harmonic Distortion Level (dBc) Max : -60
Gain Typ. (dB) : 32
Noise Figure Typ. (dB) : 1.7
Noise Figure Max. (dB) : 2.5
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