Gadolinum Substituted Garnets

Skyworks is the largest manufacturer of microwave ferrite materials in the world, producing tens of millions of pieces each year for the wireless industry. Our products range from high volume garnets for wireless infrastucture to specialized materials for radar applications. Applications require materials which work best in above resonance devices from 100 MHz to around 3 GHz, and another range of materials which suit devices working below resonance from about 1 GHz to 40 GHz or more. Another set of materials are available for high power applications. Some have suitable switching properties for devices based on below resonance phase shifting.

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Data Sheets Microwave Garnets Microwave_Garnets_204672A.pdf (2083 KB)
ProductName : G-1002
Coercive Force Hc (oe) (Nom) : 0.93
Curie Temperature Tc(ºC) (Nom) : 280
Dielectric Constant E' : 15.4 ± 5%
Dielectric Loss Tangent Tan=E''/E' : <.0002
Initial Permeability μo (Nom) : 48
Landé g-Factor g-eff (Nom) : 1.99
Line Width δH oe @ -3dB : <=132
Remanent Induction Br (Gauss) (Nom) : 672
Saturation Magnetization 4πMs : 1000 ± 5%
Spin Wave Line Width δHkoe (Nom) : 5.8
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