Schottky Diode Quad Mixer Chips Supplied on Film Frame

The Skyworks SMS392x-099 family of Si Schottky diodes are configured as ring quads intended for use in double-balanced mixers. Each ring quad die is comprised of four Schottky junctions, connected anode to cathode. There are three barrier heights available: SMS3926 is composed of low barrier diodes, which can be driven with low-power local oscillator signals; SMS3927 is composed of medium barrier diodes, for applications in which moderate-power local oscillator signals are available; and, SMS3928 is composed of high barrier diodes for applications that require very low distortion performance and have higher local oscillator power available. These ring quads are 100% tested, sawn and supplied on film frame in wafer quantities.


  • Designed for high performance double balanced mixers
  • Three barrier heights available
  • Schottky diodes supplied 100% tested, sawn, mounted on film frame
  • Low cost
Data Sheets Schottky Diode Quad Mixer Chips Supplied on Film Frame Schottky_Diode_Quad_Mixer_200165D.pdf (465 KB)
Application Notes Quality/Reliability 200149C.pdf (300 KB)
Application Notes ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices 200818B.pdf (114 KB)
Application Notes Mixer and Detector Diodes 200826A.pdf (458 KB)
Application Notes Handling Precautions for Schottky Barrier Mixer and Detector Diodes 200840A.pdf (71 KB)
Application Notes Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, Capacitors: Bonding Methods and Packaging Bond_Methods_and_Pkg_App_Note_200532B.pdf (358 KB)
ProductName : SMS3927-099
Min. VB @ 10 µA (V) : 3
Configuration : Ring Quad
VF IF = 1 mA (mV) : 300-400
CJ VR = 0 V, F = 1 MHz (pF) : 0.3-0.5
Max. ΔVF IF = 1 mA (mV) : 10
Max. RT IF = 10 mA (Ω) : 8
Product Information:
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