Hybrid Line Amplifier Modules for HFC

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  • NewPart NumberCartPDFDescriptionGain (dB) MinGain (dB) MaxSupply
    Current Typ.
    Noise Figure
    CTB (dBc) TypCSO (dBc) TypXMOD (dBc) TypPb-FreeGreen
    ACA4741 1218 MHz High Output GaN CATV Power Doubler Amplifier-18.59005-80-70-70

    870 MHz, 28 dB Gain CATV Power Doubler Amplifier27294303.5-65-65 

    870 MHz, 25 dB Gain CATV Power Doubler Amplifier24264305-65-65 

    1 GHz, 28 dB Gain CATV Power Doubler Amplifier27294303.5-70-70 

    1 GHz Power Doubler Hybrid Amplifier  4307.5-70-70-63
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