Ferrites & Magnetics-
Magnesium Spinels

Magnesium Spinels for below resonance devices requiring 4PiMs in the range 750 to 3000 Gauss. Also include useful switching properties.

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Coercive Force Hc (oe) (Nom)
Curie Temperature Tc(ºC) (Nom)
Dielectric Loss Tangent Tan=E''/E'
Initial Permeability μo (Nom)
Landé g-Factor g-eff (Nom)
Remanent Induction Br (Gauss) (Nom)
Spin Wave Line Width δHkoe (Nom)

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  • NewPart NumberCartPDFCoercive Force Hc (oe) (Nom)Curie Temperature Tc(ºC) (Nom)Dielectric Constant E'Dielectric Loss Tangent Tan=E''/E'Initial Permeability μo (Nom)Landé g-Factor g-eff (Nom)Line Width δH oe @ -3dBRemanent Induction Br (Gauss) (Nom)Saturation Magnetization 4πMsSpin Wave Line Width δHkoe (Nom)Pb-FreeGreen

    0.489011.3 ± 5%<.000251201.98<=144  544750 ± 5%5.1

    1.832012.7 ± 5%<.00025502.04<=648  12882150 ± 5%2.5

    0.8524012.9 ± 5%<.0005541.99<=228  21003000 ± 5%3.2

    1.3327512.9 ± 5%<.0005572.03<=624  14102500 ± 5%3

    1.222512.2 ± 5%<.00025551.98<=270  12201750 ± 5%2.2