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Current Sense MOSFET with Cascode Clamp Protection

The AAT2491 is a dual cascode-clamp current sink MOSFET used to both protect and control the current in a series string of LEDs used in LCD backlighting applications. Replacing four discrete transistors, the AAT2491 comprises four lateral TrenchDMOS transistors in a popular SOP-EP-16 package which can be used on single sided PCB assemblies. For added system protection and reliability, the AAT2491 integrates 4 series diodes, which can be used to monitor chip operating temperature.

The AAT2491 is ideally suited for use with Skyworks’ line of LCD LED backlight drivers, namely the AAT2405, or the AAT2430A, B or C. Their low gate charge allows faster rise and fall times than conventional MOSFETs increasing the dynamic PWM control range.

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