Doing Business With Us

Skyworks has identified supplier quality expectations in the Supplier Quality Manual. The purpose of this manual is to define the basic quality systems and business procedures required of the suppliers who manufacture or supply production material or services to Skyworks.

This manual also defines quality requirements and business practices for these suppliers, in order to maintain their status as an approved supplier.

This manual, the Commercial Agreement, the Nondisclosure Agreement, and the Skyworks purchase orders are intended as the agreement on all the terms and provisions.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

SA8000 describes how we expect our suppliers to treat their employees. It also establishes procedural expectations, including a responsibility to ensure that subcontractors that produce products for Skyworks comply with the policy in the treatment of their employees. Agreement to comply with SA8000 is a condition of doing business with us.

Social Accountability Philosophy

Our social accountability program is rooted in our high standards. We expect our suppliers to share these standards and our commitment to continuous improvement. We hold them accountable for creating programs that will identify and correct unacceptable conditions. We also look for actions to ensure sustained compliance and ongoing improvement over the long term. We believe that programs developed by suppliers themselves, based on an understanding of the issues and a commitment to basic principles, are the most sustainable.

Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning

Suppliers are expected to have a Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Plan in place in order to satisfy Skyworks’ requirements in the event of an emergency such as utility interruptions, labor shortages, key equipment failure and field returns.